Collaboration and PR (English version)

Grattis Världen ”Congratulations to the World” is one of Sweden’s largest travel blogs written in Swedish for a Scandinavian audience. The blog was started in December 2013 and is run by me Johan Östling.  I want to inspire my readers to discover new destinations in Europe as well around the world. By giving the reader informative, inspiring and entertaining posts with beautiful pictures and exciting content.

  • The blog is open to collaborations and sponsored posts.
  • Press/blog trips and events.
  • Product testing and reviews.

About Johan Östling

I am a frequent traveller and a travel influencer with gold status at several hotel and airline member programs. Who has gone from travelling whit an old backpack to more comfortable travelling as airport lounges, first-class train journeys, luxury hotels, restaurants etc.

I have many years of experience working with content marketing and SEO from the time I lived in Malta and worked for various online casinos and other clients.

I am interested in other countries local food, history, architecture, nature, culture and much more. Experience which I want to share with my readers.


I write about travelling around the world in the price ranges from middle cost to luxury. I do most of my trips alone to get more time to discover the destinations, take photos and create impressions. But sometimes I also travelling whit other influencers or some of my friends.  

I visit both classic destinations and gladly more odd destinations that are not only ” outside the tourist areas ” like Chernobyl and Prypjat.

A typical blog post from a destination includes:

  • Top things to do in…
  • Best hotels in…
  • Best restaurants in…
  • Best cocktails and rooftop bars in…
  • Best way to get there…

Other travel related posts are about:

  • Frequent Flyer Programs
  • Hotel status card
  • Airline reviews in different classes
  • Train journeys
  • Airport lounges
  • Cruises

The statistics are an average of the last 3 months from Google Analytics. Currently April, May, June.

5 000+

Readers per week


24-64 years and interested in travelling.

11 600+

Pageviews per week


Followers in social media

Why should we collaboration with Grattis Världen?

A collaboration with me creates an exposure of your company, destination or service in a natural, possessive and personal way for my readers. You are also marketed to Swedish and Scandinavian readers. Both in social media and web search for your destination or service. 

I have a close relationship with my audience, and I can, therefore, create a unique content for your message. I have also worked strategically with SEO to reach top rankings at Google. And with social media where I have created a personal brand. Which has given me high credibility in my area of knowledge.

Which means a lot of exposure and exclusivity for your company. My readers know that I choose my collaborations with large care and therefore create a high level of commitment and possessive reception from my readers.

What does a blog corporation cost?

All prices are stated without VAT and are invoiced by my agency company.

Sponsored posts
Start at €500

Sponsored posts are a perfect option for those who want a boost to a campaign, launch a product / service, or build SEO.

I write a high quality post that naturally highlights you for my audience and creates added value to the reader.

You have the opportunity to receive a message as well as two links per post.

Blog collaborations
Start at €500

Collaborations are perfect for those who want to market an experience, facility, region, service or similar.

Together we agree on a date that suits us both. And I creating content as creative shows your benefits. 

You get great opportunities to customize the focus and message for the post. As well as positive exposure in my social media during the period.

How does a collaboration work?

Together we agree on what kind of cooperation you want to do. Then I compile an action plan and quotation. I always spend time and creative work to find a good and appropriate angle. So that the message in the post naturally suits my blog and my audience.

A collaboration must maintain high quality and be relevant to my target group in order not to lower my credibility or your brand. Therefore, I do not cooperate with online casinos, unethical companies or political messages.

Before publishing, I send a copy of the post in English to you as a PDF for review and approval. Then we decide on a common publication date that suits us both.

In accordance with Swedish Marketing Act, all collaborations are published with ” The post is a collaboration with X ”. For sponsored posts, the label is ” The post is sponsored by X ”. I also follow the guidelines that have been set by Influencers of Sweden which is Sweden’s largest organization for influencers.

In connection with the publication, I will send the invoice to you. One week after the publication, I gather statistics and commitment about our cooperation and send a report as a PDF-file to you if you wish.

Okay, that sounds interesting! How do we proceed?

For boats, it is best if we first agree on the extent to which the cooperation will have. If so, I can develop an idea and angle of cooperation. We can also book one, Skype meeting or discuss further by email.

Before submitting a request, please note the following:

  • The material should be travel related.
  • I produce all the material myself (images, video and graphics can be excluded).
  • Opinions and points of view are always my own and always go first and foremost.
  • All collaborations are always displayed in accordance with the Marketing Act.

We set a schedule for the creation and publication of the post based on what to do. Then just lean back while I create high quality and engaging content.

PR, product tests and reviews

I am interested in testing and reviewing new products, apps and services if they are relevant to my readers. Sent items are guaranteed to be renamed on the blog. I am not responsible for returning products unless we have an agreement that I will do so.

For guaranteed exposure on the blog. It’s easiest to email me a request to make a sponsored post.


If you want to get in touch with me just send an email to

You can also send product samples, invitations etc directly to me. But please send an email when you post something. My address is:

Johan Östling
Box 295
114 79 Stockholm