Collaborative – Finland and the Baltic states

Finland and the Baltic states 2019

Finland and the Baltic states 2019 – is a collaborative projekt between Grattis Världen and tourist companies and regional organizations. Whit the vision to market and promote cities, regions and experiences, primarily for a Swedish audience.

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Today, Swedes mainly visit Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. But Finland and the Baltic states are interesting destinations who offer a great mix of culture, history, nature, relaxation and adventure.

Target market

More and more Swedes want to travel environmentally friendly and also to explore sustainable destinations that can easily be reached by train, bus or boat. The Baltic Sea Region is within easy reach for a weekend or longer holiday trip.

The majority of Swedes can travel from their hometowns during the day and connect to the ferries from Stockholm in the evening. Below is a list of travel time whit train from Sweden’s four largest cities.

  • Gothenburg – Stockholm 3 hours
  • Malmö – Stockholm 5 hours
  • Uppsala – Stockholm 20 minutes
  • Västerås – Stockholm 1 hour

Many cities in the Baltic states are close to each other and the possibility of taking the car on the ferries makes it easy to go on a road trip. In Finland, the distances are larger but instead there are excellent night train connections.

Direction and focus

Because people have different priorities and interests, the goal is to rewrite as much as possible about different things in each region. A history-interested person wants to read about historical sights, while a person who wants to relax wants to read reviews from a SPA etc. Below are examples of interesting topics.

Food and drinks

  • Local dishes
  • Restaurants
  • vineyards
  • breweries
  • Food Markets


  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Winter Activities
  • National Parks
  • Paddling


  • Historic sites
  • Local History
  • Common history with Sweden

Hotel and SPA

  • Reviews
  • Stories

Experiences and adventures

  • Escape room
  • Adrenaline Sports

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