Swedish Travel Blog

Swedish Travel Blog

Grattisvarlden.se (”Happy World”) is as Swedish Travel Blog, written in Swedish for the Scandinavian speaking audience. It is run by me, Johan Östling. A 32 years old frequent traveler. Who have gone from traveling whit an old backpack to to a more comfortable traveling as airport lounges, 1 class train journeys, five-star hotels, restaurants and much more.

My focus is to travel a bit longer, a little more comfortable but much cheaper. And I share my experiences and knowledge to my readers. As guides to frequent flyer programs, hotel cards, rental cars and discounts and other travel deals etc. I often travel solo, but are always on the lookout for new interesting places to share with my readers. It can range from museums and historical locations, airport, hiking trails to rooftop bars around the world.

December 29, 2013, I moved from Stockholm Sweden down to Malta in the Mediterranean sea. And then started a blog to tell my friends and family about my new life in Malta. But in July 2014, I moved back to Sweden and started to travel more but continued blogging about my travels. And now 2017, Grattisvarlden.se is one of the bigger travelblogs in Sweden.

Focus on traveling a little longer, a bit more comfortable, but for less money

A typical blog post from a destination that I have visit includes:

  • Top things to do in…
  • Best hotels in…
  • Best restaurants in…
  • Best cocktails and rooftop bars in…
  • Best way to get there…

Other travel related posts are about:

  • Frequent Flyer Programs
  • Hotel status card
  • Airline reviews in different classes
  • Train journeys
  • Airport lounges
  • Cruises

Reportages from each destination is collected in a destination site on the blog that makes it easy for visitors to find every reportage for a specific destination.

Work whit me

For collaborations or questions please contact Johan Östling at johan@grattisvarlden.se